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Gourmet BBQ tacos

At King Loverde BBQ we strive to entertain your taste buds and give them an unforgettable flavor experience. We take the time to add as much love and attention to our food to make it feel like the home cooking you adore and cherish. 

Quality ingredients are absolutely key to great tasting food. We take this statement seriously and guarantee that we use the freshest meat, vegetables, and herbs in the preparation of our menu. We never use previously frozen meats and always ask for the best cuts. We also pay close attention to using the right marinades and seasonings for our meat to achieve the best possible flavor. 

The amazing flavor of our tacos would not be made possible if it wasn't for the right choice in wood used to smoke and slow cook our tender tri-tips, chicken, and pork. We don't want to rush the process, so we start early in the morning by starting a fire, and smoking the meat at a very low temperature until it achieves a nice crisp, caramelized crust, yet is tender and juicy inside. 

This is when the magic then starts. Pairing the meat with the freshest salsas, warm tortillas, cut cilantro, and onions, plus a squeeze of lime to add that perfect amount of zing. Did we get your taste buds tingling yet?

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